Group leader

ALSOVA Group leader

Anne Maria Koivisto
Chief Neurologist Consultant
MD, PhD, Special Competence in Medical Education

ALSOVA group leader outside in Kuopio, Finland.

Department of Neurology
Visiting address:
Building 4, 5th floor
Kuopio University Hospital
Kuopio, Finland
+358-(0)44-717 5629 (mobile)
+358-(0)44- 7173029 (office)
+358-(0)17-172 305 (fax)

anne.koivisto (at)


  • Alzheimer’s disease, Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus and other memory disorders:
    • Early diagnosis, differential diagnostics, disease progression, therapy, genetics, health economics, quality of life research, care
  • Treatment of headaches
  • Improvement of medical education

in University of Eastern Finland (UEF) and Kuopio University Hospital (KUH)

  • Professor  in Neurology, Institute of Clinical Medicine, UEF
  • Chief Neurologist Consultant, NeuroCenter, Neurology, KUH
  • Member, Executive Board, NeuroCenter, KUH
  • Chair
    • Regional Group of Experts to Improve Treatment Chains for Persons with Memory Disorders, KUH /  County of North Savo, Finland
    • Keystone Lecturers, Faculty of Health Sciences, School of Medicine, Institute of Clinical Medicine, UEF
    • Study Program Coordinators for Year 4 Medical Students, Faculty of Health Sciences, School of Medicine, Institute of Clinical Medicine, UEF
  • Chair/Coordinator, Committee to design and found the KUH Driving Assessment Polyclinic,  KUH
  • Group Leader
    • PI, ALSOVA – Study, UEF
    • PI, BEGAD – Study, UEF and KUH
  • Senior Researcher
    • NPH and Early AD studies, UEF and KUH, Finland
    • Alzheimer Clinical Studies and Genetics, UEF
    • APOLLO – Study, UEF and KUH
    • Obstructive Sleep Apnea and brain study, UEF and KUH
    • Medicine use in Parkinson disease, Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, CMUS, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia


  • Chair, Special Competence in Memory Disorders – Finnish Medical Association Committee
  • Board member, The Association for Medical Education in Finland, – Finnish Medical Association Committee
  • Committee member, Neurology Trust Committee, Finnish Brain Society (Suomen Aivosäätiö)
  • Board deputy member, The Alzheimer Research Society , Finland
  • Deputy Chair, Savilahti Neurological Society (SNS), Kuopio, Finland


  • 14 PhD students
    • 6 accepted theses
    • 8 ongoing theses
  • 3 post-doctoral students
    • 1  achieved  associate professorship
  • several Master Degree theses under supervision


Professor Koivisto has collaborated and is still collaborating with several national and international research groups (since 1997) while working as investigator in multicenter clinical trials (e.g. Exelon, Aricept, Galantamine, Memantine studies) and as researcher in scientific studies.


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