Metabolic effects of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals: novel testing METhods and adverse outcome pathways


The project  (EDCMET) brings together experts in various research fields, including systems toxicologists, experimental biologists with a thorough understanding of the molecular mechanisms of metabolic disease and comprehensive in vitro and in vivo methodological skills and ultimately, epidemiologists linking environmental exposure to adverse metabolic outcomes. This proposal focuses on developing novel test methods and models to assess the metabolic effects of EDs. Combined in silico methods, in vitro and in vivo methods are developed with an emphasis on liver and adipose tissue and endocrine pathways related to their metabolism. In addition, epidemiological and field monitoring data is used to gain information regarding the exposure to chemicals and ED-related metabolic effects.

Within the EDCMET project, the Biomedical Informatics research group (headed by Dr. Vittorio Fortino) will contribute to the development of computational methods for the prediction of mechanistic linkage between MIE and adverse metabolic phenotype of EDs.

Open positions

EDCMET project: Early Stage Researcher