Biomep Doctoral Programme

This doctoral programme brings together complementary expertise of 8 leading European research groups in the field of Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics and major private industrial companies and university hospitals.
Together with the University of Eastern Finland (Finland), the following universities are participating in the project:
The BioMEP mission is to improve the welfare of the society through improvements in healthcare and supporting the strong industry sector of medical technology. It is the objective of BioMEP to fulfil the demand for highly-qualified scientists addressing the needs of academic, healthcare and industry sector, and thus to meet the increasing demands of the European labour market.
  • In academia, we are moving more and more towards multi- and interdisciplinary approach in research and education. This gives an increasing need of research and teaching staff with multidisciplinary education.
  • In hospitals, physicists are an important link between clinical and scientific research. There is a strong need for post doctoral level staff with proper postgraduate education.
  • In the health technology industry, there is a remarkable need of highly educated people for research and development.

To achieve its objective our research and training programme revolves around three core essential issues:

    1. Early intervention in preventing diseases with highest burden on our society.
    2. The need for multi-disciplinary collaboration to approach health issues concurrently from different perspectives (engineering, medicine, physics) in order to create medical technology developments.
    3. The need for highly qualified experts to translate their research findings into innovative products for the healthcare and medical technology sectors.
Doctoral programme call was open 3.10.-30.11.2016.