Instructions for students

Instructions for BioMEP students before the Annual Seminar 2019


In this 4-hour informal workshop, participants will learn how to improve their presentation skills. The focus will be on short presentations (pitches) and the use of your voice and body. You will write these presentations during the workshop so there is no need to prepare.

Presentation preparation

The presentation time for each student is 15 min. Please keep within allocated time. The 15 min should be distributed to include about 10 min introduction and summary of work you have done so far, and 5 min to describe your future plans for the coming year(s) of your PhD.

The 15 min will be followed by 5 min discussion time per student.

Chairing a session

The students acting as chairs are expected to have read the abstracts in their session, and have prepared several questions in order to stimulate discussion, with particular focus on future research and/or opportunities. In addition, the student chair is expected to manage the time, e.g. a hand-signal when there is 1 minute left of the 15 min presentation, and conclude the discussion in order to stay within the schedule.

The senior investigator in the chair is expected to take a passive role in chairing the session, i.e. allow the junior researchers to chair the session, but are called upon to assist the student chairs if needed.

Social event

The social activity on Friday afternoon will start after the scientific meeting ends. It will introduce you to the fun Swedish game of shuffleboard and a good-old game of billiards, followed by a nice dinner downtown in Lund.

All students are automatically signed up for the event. If you cannot join the social event, please inform Thomas Notermans by e-mail:

Printable version of the instructions can be found here (pdf).