Instructions for students

Instructions for BioMEP students before the Annual Seminar 2020


The workshop is about how to write successful proposal for THE MARIE SKLODOWSKA CURIE ACTIONS (MSCA) INDIVIDUAL FELLOWSHIPS (IF). The workshop will last from 9.20-16.00.

Presentation preparation

The presentation time for each student is 15 min. Please keep within allocated time. The 15 min should include introduction and summary of work you have done so far and your future plans for the coming year(s) of your PhD. Please consider that most of the audience is not experts in your research area. The 15 min will be followed by 5 min discussion time per student. As soon as the presentation is ready, please send it via e-mail to Jaakko Syrjälä or Golestan Karami. Last option to provide the presentation is at the registration of the seminar.

Chairing a session

The students acting as chairs will present the speakers. The chairs are expected to have read the abstracts in their session, and have prepared questions in order to stimulate discussion, with particular focus on future research and/or opportunities. In addition, the student chair is expected to manage the time, e.g. a hand-signal when there is 1 minute left of the 15 min presentation, and conclude the discussion in order to stay within the schedule.  The chairs for each session are listed in the end of this document.

Evaluating the presentations

The students take part in evaluating the presentations. Evaluation forms are distributed at the meeting.

Social events

Wednesday evening we will have informal get-together dinner at La Cucineria ( at 20.00.

Friday (for those who are staying until Saturday) after the seminar is free form hanging around at Pescara. We (Jaakko & Golestan) are happy to be your guides. In the evening we will have dinner at nice restaurant (Vitae – Vino e Cucina) and drinks afterwards.

Session chairs

Session 1 (Thursday 9.15-10.40) Chairs: Barbara Genocchi &  Shuvashis Das Gupta

Keynote: Silvia Conforto
Student presentations: Gustavo Orozco and Thomas Notermans

Session 2 (Thursday 11.10-11.50) Chairs: Sumanta Samanta & Ruhunur Özdemir

Student presentations: Amir Esrafilian and Joeri Kok

Session 3 (Thursday 11.50-12.30) Chairs: Dao Nguyen & Lingwei Huang

Student presentations Vahid Farrahi and Yike Huang

Session 4 (Thursday 13.30-14.45) Chairs: Jaakko Syrjälä & Golestan Karami

Keynote: Jari Hyttinen

Session 5 (Thursday 14.30-16.00) Chairs: Amir Esrafilian, Javier Milagro & Nataliia Martyniuk

Student presentations Jaakko Syrjälä, Ruhunur Özdemir, Barbara Genocchi & Golestan Karami

Session 6 (Friday 9.15-10.00) Chairs: Jaakko Syrjälä & Golestan Karami

Keynote: Petri Ala-Laurila

Session 7 (Friday 10.00-11.00) Chairs: Yike Huang & Thomas Notermans

Student presentations: Javier Milagro, Nataliia Martyniuk and Dao Nguyen

Session 8 (Friday 11.30-12.30) Chairs: Vahid Farrahi & Joeri Kok

Student presentations Shuvashis Das Gupta, Lingwei Huang and Sumanta Samanta

Printable version of the instructions can be found here (pdf).