Brain Research Unit

Brain Research Unit (BRU) at the Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Eastern Finland

  • Our mission is to  reduce the burden of neurological disease
  • Our primary area of know-how is clinical research, clinical drug trials, diagnostics, prevention and treatment of neurodegenerative and cerebrovascular disorders and biomarker research
  • BRU is committed to conducting high quality research in clinical science and in drug development in collaboration with local, national, international research groups and pharmaceutical industry
  • BRU is located on the campus of University of Eastern Finland, within a stone’s throw distance from the Kuopio University Hospital and 2 km from a town center

BRU has extensive experience in 

  • studying the mechanisms of drugs in various model systems
  • studying the genetics and risk factors of complex diseases in large population-based cohorts
  • developing biomarkers for neurodegenerative diseases
  • conducting early phase IIa trials as well as phase III-IV multi-center studies as a clinical study site according to GCP guidelines
  • research together with clinical trials are performed efficiently within the allotted time framework

Clinical trial professional team 

  • is dedicated team with professionals: investigators, study nurses, neuropsychologists and other research personnel needed for conducting of studies
  • has experience in conducting clinical trials since 1992
  • adheres to GCP and to the ethical principles
  • takes good care of safety and well-being of study subjects and their caregivers
  • has the capacity to recruit trial subjects within agreed timelines
  • is well recognized team having worldwide collaboration network

Study recruitment 

  • BRU has excellent facilities and the location is ideal for subject recruitment
  • The catchment area of Kuopio University Hospital has about 247 000 inhabitants
  • The research-friendly attitude of our population provide good prerequisites for clinical research
  • Treatment compliance and commitment to the studies are excellent


Merja Hallikainen, LT
Research director, clinical drug research
merja.hallikainen (at)

Pekka Jäkälä
Professor, stroke research
pekka.jakala (at)

Anne Koivisto
Professor, memory diseases
anne.koivisto (at)

Reetta Kälviäinen
Professor, epilepsy research
reetta.kalviainen (at)