Mohammed Saqr

Learning analytics, social network analysis, scientometrics, data mining, CSCL

Pasi Silander

Digitalization, Learning Analytics, Educational leadership and policymaking, Phenomenon-based learning, Learning psychology, Ethics of AI

Mikko Apiola

Computing education research, design research, data mining, statistics, educational technology, educational psychology, ict4d

Henriikka Vartiainen

Design research, co-design pedagogy, educational research, teacher training, learning environments

Elisa Silvennoinen

Criminal and procedural law, child’s rights, procedural protection of the child, autonomy and self-determination of the child

Tapani Toivonen

Machine learning, educational machine learning, explainable AI (XAI), educational robotics

Teemu Valtonen

Educational technology, TPACK, 21st Century skills, teacher training

Juho Kahila

Games and education, digital methods in qualitative research, AI4K12, escape rooms in education

Ilkka Jormanainen

Computational thinking, educational robotics, augmented reality, educational data mining, computing education research

Matti Tedre

Computer science education research, educational technology, bibliometrics