UEF Doctoral student association

UEF DSA advocates the work of its members. It also works as an event organizer and organizes seminars, talks, workshops and other scientific events. Our members get countless of benefits in scientific opportunities. Our goal is to have a positive effect on the lives of PhD students/researchers and promote our members’ works.

Board members 2020

Ari J. Tervashonka
Joensuu Campus 
aritervashonka @ hotmail.com
Vice chairman
Hasan Sohail
hasan.sohail @ uef.fi
Social media coordinator
Katarzyna Wisniewska (Kasia)
katarzyna.wisniewska @ uef.fi
tel. +358 50 535 6749
WhatsApp: +48 601 357 684
In Twitter: @KasiaUEF
Juha-Matti Huusko
Joensuu Campus
juha-matti.huusko @ uef.fi
Event manager (Kuopio)
Lejish Vettikkat Parameswaran
lejish.vettikkat.parameswaran @ uef.fi
+358 50 478 0742
Event manager (Joensuu)
Omotomilola Ikotun
omotik @ student.uef.fi
Social relations coordinator
Marko Koskelo
(Associate member)
Security advisor
Juri Pesonen
(Associate member)

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