Board meetings 

The board of the UEF DSA meet approximately once a month. At the board meetings, general issues are discussed, events are planned, and new membership applications are evaluated. 

Board meetings in 2022  

  • 3 June 2022: First meeting of the 2022 Board. The roles were assigned, and we discussed the action plan for the rest of the year. Big plans ahead! 
  • 22 June 2022: The last meeting before the summer vacations. The initial plans for the yearly BBQ have been set in motion, this year we’re meeting in Joensuu. 

Annual General Meeting (AGM) 

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is held annually in the first quarter of the year. The main discussion points of the AGM are: 

  • Audit results from the previous years 
  • Electing a new chair (by voting)
  • The membership fee 

Only the full members have the right to vote.