UEF DSA aims at providing a range of activities that are of interest to UEF doctoral students. Below is a list of current activities, short description, and link to further information (if applicable).

  1. The monthly meet-up in Kuopio
    The meet-up is a recurring monthly event set for the first Tuesday of the month in Kuopio. We generally meet at 7 pm at Bierstube. The meet-up serves as platform for relaxed interaction among PhD students as well as students, staff, or people related to, or interested in, PhD work and life at UEF.
  2. Lunch meetings in Joensuu
    In Joensuu, most doctoral students eat in Aura restaurant and have lunch meetings every now and then. The events are posted in advance in the front page. You can also knock the board members to know if we have lunch meeting plans.
  3. Group for doctoral students with families
    The group for doctoral students with families is meant for everyone who is a doctoral student at UEF and has small children/is on maternity or paternity leave/is taking care of small children at home or is pregnant/planning to have children during doctoral studies. The group is active in Joensuu and has had its first meeting on March 11, 2014.