Alumni email

UEF IT Services discontinues (i.e. terminates) email accounts of doctoral students who leave UEF, for instance after graduation. Most doctoral students have used their UEF email address in published articles, including articles of which they are first and, possibly, corresponding authors. As a consequence of discontinuing email accounts, UEF alumni can no longer be contacted by readers, because the corresponding email is invalid and, thus, readers will receive an error message. However, continuing email accounts is bounded by law, incurs management costs, and has potentially other side effects.

In June 2014, UEF DSA conducted a survey to inquiry what UEF doctoral students, as well as more generally UEF staff, think about this practice. The results are valuable to UEF IT Services and could spark a discussion beyond UEF.

In a nutshell, the result can be summarized as follows: 89% agree that terminating alumni email accounts is problematic, mostly on the grounds of potential missed opportunities. Most think that alumni emails should be forwarded for at least two years.

If you are interested in a more detailed account of the survey evaluation make sure to check out our infographic (zoom the image to 100%).