Full membership is restricted to UEF doctoral students.

Associate membership is open to anybody. Especially, we welcome all master students interested about PhD related matters. (Plan your doctoral studies better by joining as an associate member before you start doctoral studies).

Supporting membership is open to anybody.

** If you are applying for associate or supporting membership, please write a little description about your background and in which you can support DSA **

Form will be updated accordingly


  • All members have priority in UEF DSA Newspaper as a writers and photographers.
  • For associate member, much knowledge on doctoral studies, meetings and relevant programs every year.
  • Members can join the UEFDSA board.
  • Members can join activities of the association without cost.
  • Support members are added in public list (if a person wants their name published on it).

Membership fee

Membership fee is paid only once, in total 10 euros. The fee is the same for members and associate members.

(Fee is only paid 1 time, in case you are upgraded from associate member to full member the upgrade is free)

For a support member the one time fee is 50 euros.

This fee is intended to support activities of the association.

Become a member

If you want to become a UEFDSA member, please fill out the membership application form.

To show that you are a doctoral student, you can send us a screenshot from your Weboodi details:

If you have any questions, please contact us.