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The Finnish Association of Nursing Research

The purpose of the association

  • The purpose of the association is to support and promote nursing science research and its applications to practice.
  • The association organizes scientific conferences, awards grants, publishes a scientific journal and promotes regional activities.


  • The Finnish Association of Nursing Research is an active research society that offers its members a high-quality scientific forum whose operations are constantly updated and renewed.
  • The association belongs to the Federation of Finnish Learned Societies.
  • The association is actively involved in regional, national, and international science policy debate and societal discussion.


  • To be considered for a full membership of the association, the applicant must have acquired an academic degree or be a student in the process of completing a university degree. Additionally, the applicant must have an interest in research in the field of nursing science. The association can also grant membership to legally valid communities.
  • Membership fee: 50 € for a full member and 30 € for a student member

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