Spin-off companies

Spin-off companies


Kubios Oy develops Kubios HRV software, which is the market leader in heart rate variability analysis software for scientific research and professional use. Kubios is based on research work of Mika Tarvainen and his team. More information is found on the website www.kubios.com


Heart2Save develops medical devices and algorithms for cardiac arrhythmia detection. Medical physicists Mika Tarvainen and Jukka Lipponen are behind the arrhythmia detection algorithms of the company.  Website of the company heart2save.com

Adamant Health

Adamant Health is a spin-off, establishment of which was prepared in NeuroTracking project. Medical physicist Saara Rissanen is the inventor of Adamant Health’s algorithm. Adamant Health is established in 2020. Website of the company adamanthealth.com