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IMPDET Hub at the College of Business Education, Tanzania


IMPDET Hub at CBE is a collaborative research capacity-building activity between the College of Business Education (CBE), Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, and the Technologies for Learning and Development research group at UEF. The main purpose of the hub is to enable faculty members of CBE to pursue doctoral studies in IMPDET, while receiving support from the local supervisors at CBE.

The main aspects of CBE doctoral candidates’ research projects are to utilize pluralistic research methods for understanding contextually relevant challenges and to address those challenges by using a combination of design science research/action research, participatory design, living labs methodology, and software engineering.

CBE doctoral candidates and research topics

  1. Paulo Magoge, Development of the Mobile-Learning Application to Enhance Computer Programming among Students in Higher Education Institutions (HLIs) through Computational Thinking (CT). A Case Study of the College of Business Education (CBE) in Tanzania.
  2. Madina Hamisi, Web-based Financial Management Skills Training for Women in Informal Saving Groups in Urban Tanzania
  3. Anna Mark Kayanda, Developing Decision Making in Tanzanian Academic Institutions through Improved Information Systems
  4. Mzomwe Yahya Mazana, Technology in Education: Impact Assessment of ICT Developments in Higher Education in Tanzania
  5. Joel Rumanyika, Improving Street Vendors’ Market Expansion through Mobile Technologies: A Strategy in Tanzanian Environment

CBE doctoral graduates and doctoral dissertations

  1. Godfrey Isaac Mwandosya, 2021. Mobile Technology for Innovative Teaching and Learning in Tanzanian Higher Education.
  2. Ezra Misaki, 2021. Mobile Technology for Enhancing the Flow of Agricultrural Information between Small-Scale Farmers and Other Crop Farming Stakeholders in Chamwino, Tanzania,
  3. William Clifford Gomera, 2020. The Use of Mobile Technology to Enhance the Interaction between Microfinance Institutions and Micro businesses in the Tanzanian Context.
  4. Alsen Florian Kapinga, 2020. Mobile Technology for Empowerment: A Case of Women Entrepreneurs in Food Processing Sector in Tanzania.
  5. Nasibu Rajabu Mramba, 2018. Mobile Technology for Street Traders in Tanzania.