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15 March 2021: The registration is now open! Lots of information in the circular here! Please note that we have pushed the deadline for revised abstracts to 30 April.

5 Feb 2021: The organizing team has decided that ISLE 6 will take place fully online. This decision is not an easy one, as we were hoping for some form of on-site participation. In the light of the recent news of the mutated variants of COVID that are spreading even faster than the original virus, and the fact that the full impact of the vaccine efforts in many parts of the world will only be effective by summer, we feel that it is unlikely that safe international travel will be possible in early June. What is more, our local university restrictions regarding meetings are still in place, making it impractical to organize a hybrid event. Making this decision now enables us to put all our energy into ensuring that online participation goes smoothly.

Please see our announcement here.


All accepted abstracts (from both rounds) should be formatted according to the guidelines here and sent to the conference email by 30 April.

We have a new workshop and the call is open until 31 March 2021: Replication and reproducibility in English corpus linguistics


ISLE 6 will take place 2–5 June, 2021 as an online conference.

ISLE 6 will be hosted by the University of Eastern Finland School of Humanities.

The conference theme for ISLE 6 is Evolving English and the Digital Era.

Digitalization is undoubtedly one of the great revolutions in human history. Technologization and digitalization make it possible that massive amounts of linguistic data, past and present, are available through various channels. These data can be combined, annotated, mined and visualized using high-powered computing. For several decades, English linguistics has been at the forefront of this revolution in the humanities, as evinced for instance in the development and use of digital corpora and in the quantitative turn in the field. While we recognize these past achievements, ISLE 6 seeks to assess the impact of digitalization in English linguistics and in the study of its varieties. We hope to be a venue for state-of-the-art presentations that highlight how digitalization can (or cannot) benefit the study of English linguistics and how it could help us understand its past and present and possibly predict its future paths.

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