Consent form

Consent for publication

FAQ: Please note that our registration system does not speak directly to Whova, but we need to manually add you into Whova – during the weekend this may take a while. Thank you for your patience!

FAQ: If you do not have a presentation, please add ‘audience’ in the slot asking for title of contribution, answer the question regarding the use of your email and leave the other questions unanswered!

We ask every ISLE 6 participant (author, presenter and audience member) to sign a consent form to allow the ISLE 6 organizing team to:

  • Use your name and contact information (email address) for adding you to the Whova conference platform,
  • Upload your pre-recorded presentation file to Planet eStream (hosted by the University of Eastern Finland IT Services) and share it via Whova to ISLE 6 attendees for the duration of the conference, for c. two weeks before and three weeks after the conference, and/or
  • Record your live presentation on Zoom, upload the file to Planet eStream (hosted by the University of Eastern Finland IT Services) and share it via Whova to ISLE 6 attendees for the remaining duration of the conference and for three weeks after the conference.

You will be asked to choose a CC license for the files uploaded to Planet eStream. The options are as follows (see for details):

  • BY – Credit must be given to the creator
  • BY-NC – Above plus Only noncommercial uses of the work are permitted
  • BY-NC-ND – Above plus No derivatives or adaptations of the work are permitted

The consent form is available here, and should be filled in by as soon as possible to give us enough time to process your data.. Please note that failing to fill in the consent form prevents us from uploading your pre-recorded presentation for viewing. Regarding co-authored papers, each author should fill in a form. And regarding participants with more than one presentation, please fill in a separate form for each presentation.

Any material stored and shared will only be used in relation to the ISLE 6 conference and there is no compensation of any kind involved. Any material or speech recorded will not be used for commercial purposes.

While the data will only be accessible to ISLE 6 attendees, please be aware that the material could still be copied by users having access to the website and that the organizing team will have no control over its subsequent use and disclosure in that case.

Any information gathered will only be used for ISLE 6. We follow data protection regulations as per UEF guidelines:

Please consider assigning your presentation material (abstract, pre-recorded file) a Digital Object Identifier (DOI). For more information, please visit For instance, the OSF offers a free platform to store your research and also to assign a DOI to any material stored.