Recording your talk

Recording your talk for ISLE 6

Before recording, make sure your video and microphone (e.g. a headset) are working properly, and that there is no extra noise in the background.

Using Zoom

The Zoom application enables creating a video recording with a built-in record function. Once recorded, the default path where your local recordings will be saved to is: C:\users\username\Documents\Zoom. These recordings are saved as an mp4-file.

How to record:

  1. Open a Zoom meeting (e.g. your Personal room), and share your presentation on the screen by clicking on the Share Screen button located in your meeting controls.
  2. Click the Record button in your meeting controls.
  3. You can control the recording with Pause/Stop Recording buttons ​that can be found at the bottom of the screen (you may have to click on the three dots to get more options).
  4. When you finish the meeting, Zoom will automatically create the record to Documents/Zoom folder.
  5. Please rename the file with your own name and send it to us via WeTransfer.

More information available from Zoom:

Using PowerPoint

PowerPoint’s record feature allows creating a recording that includes slides and voice. Here is how to create a recording:

  1. Open Slide Show -tab
  2. Click Record Slide Show
  3. Choose the microphone you want, and make sure that the microphone is available (no slash on top of icon Icon of microphone)
  4. Click SAVE

Recording starts. In record mode, you can move from slide to another, pause and stop recording and draw on top of slides with drawing tools that are visible on the bottom. Record mode creates its own video/voice recording for each slide. It is possible to record on every slide and each slide at a time, if necessary. Presentation can be saved as a normal editable PowerPoint file that includes audio/images.

Video is created by saving the presentation as MP4 format:

  1. Click File
  2. Choose Save as
  3. Choose Browse
  4. Change Save as type to MPEG-4 -video (*.mp4) and click Save. Video will be saved as MP4 file to the location you have chosen on your computer. Please note that saving the presentation in video format may take some time.
  5. Please rename the file with your own name and send it to us via WeTransfer.

There are good instruction videos available on YouTube.

Please check your recording for quality and technical issues before sending it to us – we will not be able to edit the files!