Zoom and Whova


All live events during ISLE 6 will take place on Zoom. Please download the free client here prior to the conference. Select the option Zoom Client for Meetings.


Whova functions as the conference center, enabling easy navigation between sessions and access to pre-recorded talks, as well as communication with the conference attendees and the organizing team. While the conference operates in the Finnish Summer Time (UTC+3), Whova will localize the schedule to your own time zone.

Whova can be used on computer (Web app) or mobile device (Mobile app).

On web app:

  1. We suggest that you use the Chrome browser for the web app. Some streaming software may have compatibility issues with other browsers.
  2. Get the webapp link for your event from the event organizer and open the page. See below!
  3. Click “Sign up here” if you don’t have an account yet, and fill in your email and password.
  4. Please make sure to use the email address you gave us on the consent form – otherwise it won’t allow you to join the event.
  5. The app will automatically take you to the event main page.

You can use this link to access the web app version of ISLE 6: https://whova.com/portal/webapp/isle_202012/!

On mobile app:

  1. Enter the email address you used for the consent form. To automatically log in to your event, please make sure to use the email you gave us on the consent form!
  2. Create a password and type in your name.
  3. Edit your profile. Other attendees will use this to network with you.
  4. The app will take you to your event page automatically if the organizers have updated the app with your registration information.
  5. If ISLE 6 doesn’t show up automatically, search for it. Then, click the join button on the bottom of the event description page, and enter the event invitation code that you can ask for from the organizers.

Instructions on how to use Whova are available here: https://whova.com/pages/whova-app-user-guide/

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For feature details, visit Whova

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