Call for Poster Proposals

Call for Poster Proposals

The organising committee invites abstracts of original contributions for poster presentations that are compatible with the theme “Health from wood”. The poster presentation includes a 1-minute pitch that is to be presented at Karelia Symposium event April 13th, 2021. The language of the event is English and this year the event is a virtual event. The best poster contribution will be awarded.

How to apply

Please carefully read the instructions for the poster and 1-minute pitch. You can find them below.

Apply with this form to present your poster and 1-minute pitch in Karelia Symposium April 13th, 2021:
Call for Poster Proposals to Karelia Symposium April 13, 2021

The deadline for submitting your application is March 31st, 2021 (the date has been updated, originally it was March 24th).

To confirm the acceptance of the applicant as a poster presenter in the event, the organizers of the event will contact the applicants after they have submitted the form. The applicants will be contacted already during the application period, or, at the latest April 1st, 2021.

Instructions for preparing and submitting the poster

Anyone can offer a poster presentation compatible with the theme “Health from wood” to be a part of the poster session in Karelia Symposium. This year the event is virtual, and therefore the posters will not be printed. Instead, the posters will be presented at the Karelia Symposium website.

The poster must be 25,4 x 14,288 cm in size (aspect ratio 16:9), horizontal orientation. The font size must be a minimum of 8 and the headings must be bigger than 8. A good poster is informative and easy to understand, and it delivers your message mostly by visual means.

UEF students and staff must use the UEF ePoster template. This template meets the requirements of size stated above, and the body font size in the template is set to 8 (headings are bigger than 8). You can find the ePoster template from Heimo services (log in with your UEF credentials to access the page).

Send your poster April 7th, 2021 at the latest by email to:

Instructions for the 1-minute pitch and PowerPoint slide

The 1-minute pitching presentation must be an elevator pitch type concise statement of your research. The pitches will be delivered in the event one by one without any breaks or questions. Please read the text about the goal of the 1 -minute pitch below.

Each presenter must prepare one PowerPoint slide that will be shown on the screen during the pitching. The slide should not be the poster itself but a well-formulated slide with an informative heading supported by a few lines of text and/or a picture or graph supporting your presentation (NB. please avoid using too much text on your slides!).

UEF students and staff must use the UEF PowerPoint template to make the slide. You can find the PowerPoint template from Heimo services (log in with your UEF credentials to access the page).

Send your PowerPoint slide April 7th, 2021 at the latest to:

The goal of the 1-minute pitch

The goal of the 1-minute pitch is to create a memorable, enthusiastic, and positive impression; to raise the listeners’ curiosity; and to attract them to visit your poster for further information. You will have just and only 60 seconds for your pitch, during which you should convincingly tell the audience:

  • Who you are?
  • What is the topic of your poster?
  • Why is it an important topic?
  • What are the main findings/conclusions?
  • How does your work connect with a broader view about its discipline?

A good pitch that attracts many visitors to your poster helps you to get votes. A memorable pitch, per se, may already give a reason to vote you. The poster that receives most votes will be awarded.

Best poster award

The best poster will be awarded in the end of the Symposium. The award is 300 euros. Each member of the Symposium audience will have one vote. The poster that receives most votes will be awarded.