Call for Grant Applications

Grants of Teollisuusneuvos Heikki Väänänen Fund for 2021

Application period: 12 October–11 November 2020

Teollisuusneuvos Heikki Väänänen Fund awards grants for wood-related scientific research at the University of Eastern Finland. Grants may be awarded for research projects that increase research-based knowledge of wood and promote the development of novel wood products, or enhance the use and usability of wood for the needs of humanity.

In 2021, grants can be awarded for basic or applied research supporting these purposes with the following criteria:

  1. One-year grants of a maximum of 23,000 euros for a doctoral dissertation project or for post doc research. The grant includes the cost required by the MYEL pension insurance. The university does not collect the so-called “university compensation” from recipients of this one-year grant.
  2. Grants of a maximum of 6,000 euros for advancing a sub-project of a doctoral dissertation
  3. Additionally, grants of 1,000–2,000 euros may be awarded for Master’s thesis work.

The grants awarded for doctoral dissertations or for post doc research are personal work grants intended for full-time work on a doctoral dissertation, free from other gainful employment. No travel grants will be awarded. The fund’s one-year grant may only be awarded to the same applicant once.

The grant application must include, as an appendix, a research proposal that indicates:

  1. Background of the research
  2. Objectives
  3. Material and methods
  4. Expected outcomes and their significance, and
  5. Timetable (the overall length of the proposal may not exceed 3 pages, font size 11).

Research proposals for the post doc phase must also indicate how the research is linked to a research group at the University of Eastern Finland.

The application must also include the applicant’s CV (curriculum vitae) as an appendix and, for postgraduate students, a statement from the supervisor is also required. The application must be accompanied by the research unit’s commitment to ensure that the proposed research is linked to the unit’s other research, as well as the basic preconditions for the applicant’s work (e.g. proper working facilities, telecommunications, printing, library and information services). The grant recipient must report on the use of the grant according to separate instructions.

The application is filled out at

The grants must be used during 2021. The grantees will be announced at the Karelia Symposium on 13 April 2021.

The application period opens on 12 October 2020.


For further information, please contact:

Member of the fund committee, Professor Ossi Turunen

University of Eastern Finland, Faculty of Science and Forestry, School of Forest Sciences

ossi.turunen(a), tel. +358 50 342 5151


Secretary of the fund committee, Executive Head of Administration Arja Hirvonen

University of Eastern Finland, Faculty of Science and Forestry

arja.hirvonen(a), tel. +358 44 716 3422