Research Team

The KATVE Research Team


Members of the research team and the reference group in December 2019


PI Marjatta Palander (PhD), Professor and Head of the subject of Finnish, UEF, is a dialectologist and sociolinguist, an expert on Eastern Finnish dialects, and a pioneer of folk linguistics in Finland. She is a member of the board of the strategic area Borders, Mobilities and Cultural Encounters at the UEF. Expertise: dialectology, eastern Finnish dialects, transitional dialects, dialect contacts, dialect levelling, Karelian, real-time study, perceptual dialectology, folk linguistics. Topic in KATVE: language awareness, linguistic memories.

Vesa Koivisto (PhD), University of Helsinki, is an expert on Finnish word structure and a researcher on Finnic languages. He is one of the authors of Comprehensive Finnish Grammar. Expertise: Finnic languages, Karelian, dialectology, morphology, derivation, language revitalization, border studies. Topic in KATVE: new-dialect formation, verbal morphology.

Helka Riionheimo (PhD), Professor in Karelian Language and Culture, UEF, is a contact linguist with extensive experience in studying contacts between the Finnic languages. Expertise: language contact, multi-lingualism, attrition, endangerment, revitalization, eastern Finnish dialects, Finnic languages, morphology. Topic in KATVE: language awareness, linguistic memories.

Maria Kok (PhD), university lecturer, UEF. Her doctoral dissertation deals with the paradigm structure and the development of the meaning of the word itse (‘self’) in the eastern Finnic languages. The thesis was given an award by The Society for the Study of Finnish and the UEF (2017). Expertise: grammaticalization, reflexive constructions, the history of Finnish grammatical terminology.  Topic in KATVE: reflexive markers.

Milla Uusitupa (PhD), post-doc researcher, UEF, has been investigating referentially impersonal person constructions in Border Karelian dialects. Her thesis was awarded by The Society for the Study of Finnish (2018). Expertise: dialect syntax of Karelian and Finnish, contacts between Karelian and Finnish speakers in Border Karelia, functional syntax, person marking and impersonal reference. Fieldwork in eastern Finland. Topic in KATVE: referential structures.

Susanna Tavi (MA), doctoral student, UEF, is a language contact researcher. Expertise: Karelian, Finnish, Russian, corpus linguistics, statistical analysis, language contacts, phonology, loanwords, lexicology. Topic in KATVE: Russian loanwords.

Tuomo Kondie (MA), UEF, is a part-time research assistant. Tasks in KATVE: fieldwork, transcribing, compiling the corpora.

Katerina Paalamo (MA), UEF, worked as a part-time research assistant. Tasks in KATVE: transcribing.

Other doctoral students and postdoctoral researchers at UEF whose topics are connected with KATVE:

Laura Arantola: Independent relative clauses in the Border Karelian dialects.

Natalia Giloeva: The grammaticalization of the Border Karelian indefinite pronouns.

Henna Massinen: Finnization of the Border Karelian dialects in the light of phonological and phonetic features.

Ilia Moshnikov (PhD), post-doc researcher, UEF, Karelian Institute.

The KATVE Reference Group

Helmi Järviluoma-Mäkelä (PhD), Professor and Head of Cultural Studies, UEF. She is an internationally recognized specialist in studying the changing European soundscapes and the leader of the ERC Advanced Grant project Sensory Transformations and Transgenerational Environmental Relationships in Europe, 2016–2020.

Liudmila Gromova (Candidate of Education), Head of the Department of Russian for Foreigners (State University of Tver, Russian Federation), is a native speaker of Tver Karelian, language activist, teacher of Karelian and editor-in-chief of the Tver Karelian newspaper Karielan Šana.

Jaan Õispuu (PhD), Tallinna Õismäe Gümnaasium, Estonia, is a researcher of Tver Karelian. He was the professor in Finnic Languages at Tallinn University in 1993–2006.

Leena Joki (MA), senior specialist, Institute for the Languages of Finland, Helsinki. She was one of the editors of the Dictionary of Karelian in 1986‒2005.

Tapio Hämynen (PhD), Professor Emeritus of Finnish History, UEF, is a specialist in the history of Border Karelia and the national identity of the Karelians.

Juliia Stepanova, Associate Professor of History (State University of Tver, Russian Federation), is an expert in migration history and cultural landscape of the Tver Karelians. She is the author of the historical web-GIS on Tver Karelian settlement and cultural landscape (2016–2017).

Renate Pajusalu (PhD), Professor of General Linguistics, Head of the Institute of Estonian and General Linguistics, University of Tartu. She is a specialist in pragmatics and semantics, especially in reference and speech act pragmatics.


Doing fieldwork in Tver oblast 2018