Hilkka-Liisa Vuori & Johanna Korhonen

Hilkka-Liisa Vuori & Johanna Korhonen: ”Power of Singing: power of voice” (Lauluvoimaa)

”Power of Singing” (Lauluvoimaa) is a two-year project for developing resonance-based methods and practical tools for wellbeing and care in Uusimaa region. The project is funded by Uudenmaan liitto (Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council). The target groups are those most suffered of corona isolation: the elderly, people with dementia or other disease linked to memory, and handicapped living in care units. 

There is more and more scientific evidence to support the idea of singing as a source of empowerment, joy and satisfaction. Performing arts brought into care units are an established form of action. In our project, even more than songs, we concentrate on the effects of voice produced by oneself.  A simple tone sung together by the caretaker and the caregiver brings a new dimension to everyday activities. What we call ”everyday singing” (arkilaulu) in non-performing shared experience by everyone´s own voice – which is always good as it is.

At the beginning, there is a sigh and hum. Later in life there are songs that play an important role in a meaningful life. They need to be recognised and acknowledged. At the end, childhood lullabies get another chance, and at the very end, singing simply tones, one´s own name and the old beloved songs can touch even a comatous mind.

The methods of the project combine sound of voice (sighing, humming, simple songs), listening, touch, and respective interaction. The project will take place in three different care units in Uusimaa 2021-2023 in close cooperation with the institutions.

Hilkka-Liisa Vuori is a doctor of music and a music pedagog also known for Birth Sound (Synnytyslaulu). Johanna Korhonen works in the project as a singer; she is also known as a journalist.