• We have carefully characterized the brain distribution of amyloid accumulation in a typical APP/PS1 mouse model and demonstrated impaired hippocampal-dependent spatial memory but intact striatal-dependent response habit learning in APP/PS1 mice
  • We were the first to show that amyloid accumulation is faster in female than in male APP/PS1 transgenic mice
  • We were the first to show that the latest AD drug memantine has beneficial cognitive effects in a transgenic AD mouse model
  • We have demonstrated that manipulation of dietary lipids has a major impact on cognitive functions in APP/PS1 mice
  • We were the first to show that hippocampal CA3 area becomes hyperactive in aged rats and perturbs the balance in the hippocampal neural network, a finding that has recently been confirmed in MCI patients
  • We were the second lab in the world to report that APP transgenic mice display frequent seizures and the only one that has conducted a systematic study on theĀ  in prevalence of epileptic seizures in a large APP/PS1 mouse cohort. We have also systematically characterized different subtypes of epileptiforms spikes and their regional distribution in APP/PS1 mice.