Former members

Former members

Former PhD Students:

Arijit Bera performed his PhD work in the group on the topic “All-dielectric resonant nano-photonics with hybrid silicon platform”. He is currently working at VTT (Espoo, Finland).

Leila Ahmadi did her PhD work on the topic “Polymer waveguides and slot waveguides for sensing”. She is currently working at Microsoft, in the Hololens team (Espoo, Finland).

Markus Häyrinen completed his PhD on “Benefit of Atomic Layer Deposition in nanophotonic device fabrication”. He is currently working in Nanocomp (Joensuu, Finland).

Petri Stenberg’s PhD topic was “Fabrication processes for nano-waveguide based applications”. After few years working at Microsoft, he joined Dispelix (Joensuu, Finland).


Former Master Students:

Alisa Pshenova is current performing a PhD thesis at LIST (Luxembourg).

Rajannya Sen is currently performing a PhD thesis at the Tampere University of Technology (Finland).