Group Program

Download group program here (Updated 05 September 2014).

Group program – Nordic Ruralities


WG 1.1 Family, Kinship and Personal Lives


Berit Brandth

Marit S. Haugen

Monday 8 September 15:00-17:30 Room 15 Neptun

When business is personal: Social ties and exchange forms in farming

Stig S. Gezelius

A gender perspective on coastal children and youths’ reflections on their future  

Siri Gerrard

Time to farm: spatial-temporal relations in family-based dairy farming

Elias Andersson

Gender differences in family farm breakup

Berit Brandth & Marit S. Haugen


Tuesday 9 September 13:00-15:30 Room 15 Neptun

Gendered strategies among young farmers – about the relation between occupational resilience and sustainable gender relations

Susanne Stenbacka, Sofie Joosse & Ann Grubbström

Bread rather than croissant! Representations of Roma ethnicity in the perceptions of rural Hungarian professional municipal care and support givers on normal versus deviant parenting and sexuality

Ildikó Asztalos Morell

Doing childhood masculinities in a rural context

Gjertrud Stordal

Fathering practices and masculinity among farming men

Berit Brandth


WG 1.2 The Evolution of Home: Experiences of Landscapes, Places and Rural Housing


Sulevi Riukulehto


Tuesday 8:30-12:00 Room 17 Sirius

Experiential Accumulations of Home: Case Kuortane

Sulevi Riukulehto

The Conceptions of Home by the Representatives of Third Age

Katja Rinne-Koski

Feelings of Home in Relation to Norwegian Family Cottages

Anne Kathrine Larsen

Changing relationships between primary and second homes

Manu Rantanen

Architectural quality and rural development

Ruth Woods & Solvår Wågø


WG 1.3 Impact of international migration on rural welfare and local development


Susanne Søholt

Aadne Aasland

Monday 15:00-18:00 Room 14 Uranus


Settlement in rural communities: Place knowledge and place attachment among different target groups of potential inhabitants

Guri Mette Vestby

Translocal practices and culinary reformation

Gunnel Forsberg & Natasha Webster

Immigrant entrepreneurship contextualized: experiences with business-start-up among female immigrants in rural Norway

Mai Camilla Munkejord

Lifestyle migration and innovation in rural Norway:

Understanding the success and failure of lifestyle migration

Christian Sørhaug

Immigrant spatial distribution and relocation in Norwegian rural districts

Aadne Aasland & Susanne Søholt


Wednesday 09:00- 11:00 Room 14 Uranus

Emerging rural settlement patterns of Norway’s new immigrants

Kristian Rose Tronstad

Labour immigration to Western Norway as a resource for regional development. The role of local government responses

Finn Ove Båtevik & Gro Marit Grimsrud

Rural immigration

Ottar Brox


WG 1.5 Open session on Cultures and people, places and identities


Thoroddur Bjarnason

Tuesday 13:00-15:30 Room 18 Ariel


Quality of work or quality of place: What matters more for the attraction and retention of highly skilled migrants to rural Norway?

Finn Ove Båtevik, Gro Marit Grimsrud & Else Ragni Yttredal

Second homes as a chance for rural economy: examples from Finland and Poland

Adam Czarnecki

Revitalizing peripheral communities through road infrastructure: the case of Northern Iceland

Thoroddur Bjarnason & Kjartan Olafsson

Regional centres in Norway – their role in the settlement and migration pattern

Ivar Lie & Marit Aure


Wednesday 08:30-11:00 Room 17 Sirius

The Rural Other – Constructing of Rural Otherness in Finnish Popular Film Kuutamosonaatti

Aapo Jumppanen

“Everyone knows everyone else” – promotional or restraining for the wish to stay in rural communities?

Maja Farstad

The school in the local community – the local community in the school

Agneta Knutas & Ragnhild Olaug Liland

The comprehensive symbolics of rural local schools

Mariann Villa


WG 2.4 Innovation or invasion? Commodification of the outfields


Katrina Rønningen

Frode Flemsæter

Tuesday 13:00-15:00 Room 16 Pluto


Angling and hunting tourism in the Sámi area – comparing legislation and local responses

in Sweden, Norway and Finland

Yvonne Gunnarsdotter


The Political Space of a Summer Farm: Turning History, Nature and Culture into Agri-Environmental Payments

Camilla Eriksson

When lack of use leads to conflicts; Deterioration and multiple use of outfields in Lofoten

Helene Amundsen, Anniken Førde & Tone Magnussen

Modernisation of rural economies – the enclosure of the Norwegian outfields and commons?

Katrina Rønningen & Frode Flemsæter


WG 3.1 Regional knowledge development, innovation systems and entrepreneurship


Egil Petter Stræte

Tuesday May 09:30 – 12:00 Room 18 Ariel


Frøya: an innovative island: How to build a regional research and development system around aquaculture during globalization

Reidar Almås

Governance of bioenergy systems in Norway and Emilia Romagna (Italy): policy impacts and implications

Bianca Cavicchi

Securing triple bottom line outcomes from bioenergy development and innovation in rural Norway (TRIBORN)

Karen Refsgaard

Ethics and institutions for innovation in land-based economies

John Bryden & Stig S. Gezelius


Wednesday 08:30 – 11:00 Room 18 Ariel

Entrepreneurship with social skillfulness: potential for rural development and sustainable food systems

Minna Mikkola

Strategies of differentiation in food industry: Incorporation of rurality in qualities of food

Egil Petter Stræte

The future of the horse industry in Norway and Sweden and implications for rural areas

Hans Andersson


WG 3.2 Reconfiguring the local – small and large-scale food production


Jeppe Høst

 Monday May 15:00-17:30 Room 16 Pluto


Exploring the business models of local food distribution

Anne M. Jervell

Can Community supported agriculture (CSA) contribute towards national objectives within agriculture and food consumption? Explored by looking at motivations for CSA among farmers, growers and consumers

Christine Hvitsand

Local food accessibility – Geographic information system (GIS) approach in revealing areal development potentials in Northern Ostrobothnia, Finland

Ossi Kotavaara, Jarmo Rusanen, Kirsi Korhonen & Toivo Muilu

Living in the niche – self-employment and the cultural turn

Jeppe Høst


Wednesday 09:00-11:00 Room 16 Pluto


The Sheep – Production Animal or a Relic of Multifunctional Agriculture?

Jostein Vik & Bjørn Egil Flø

Defining local food and its’ accessibility in Northern Ostrobothnia, Finland – views of different actors in the food supply chain

Kirsi Korhonen, Toivo Muilu, Ossi Kotavaara & Jarmo Rusanen

Constructing the meaning of ‘the local’ in the rural food experience – exploring the practices of national actors and local producers

Josefine Östrup Backe


WG 3.3 Employment related mobilities, an undercurrent unnoticed?


Anna Karlsdóttir

Tuesday 13:00-15:00 Room 14 Uranus


Politics of work mobilities and gender: Stories about employment-related mobility and mobile workers in Hammerfest and Kvalsund

Ingrid. M. Kielland

Triple mobilities: changes in women‘s and men‘s mobility practices in the coastal north

Siri Gerrard

Tourism corridors as employment related mobility places

Anna Karlsdóttir


WG 4.3 Political practices of rurality and local practices of policy


Cecilia Waldenström

Tuesday 09:00-12:00 Room 15 Neptun


Shrinking villages – trajectories for local development

Helle Nørgaard

Municipal Mergers and Local Operations

Niina Koskihaara

Agency between ‘place and space’, ‘bottom-up and top-down’ – the emergence and need of local institutional capacity in rural areas

Hanne Wittorff Tanvig

Policies and local practises of farm based biogas production in Sweden

Cecilia Waldenström

Perspectives on Deadweight in the Rural Development Programme

Jonas Fjertorp & Gustav Helmers


WG 4.5 Place-based development and policy in rural communities


Ilkka Luoto

Tuesday 13:00-16:30 Room 17 Sirius


Grass-roots village action, social networks, regional democracy and place-based development in Finnish village communities

Maija Lundgren

Place-based development in community-oriented production of services – the stories of two villages

Mari Kattilakoski

Challenges of LEADER Strategy work in Finland for 2014-2020

Päivi Pylkkänen & Niina Kuuva

Culture as a way of dealing with complexity

Jørn Cruickshank & Hans Kjetil Lysgård

Experience based place development in rural communities

Britt Dale

Place-making: Narrowing the gap between theory and practice

Ilkka Luoto


 WG 4.6 Open session on Policies and politics of the rural


Tuija Mononen

Tuesday 09:30-12:00 Room 16 Pluto


What about multifunctionality in neo-productivism?

Hilde Bjørkhaug & Reidar Almås

Territorial cohesion support by the EU´s CAP Rural development policy in the Czech Republic – ways of the assessment and critical reflection

Martin Pelucha

Public-private partnerships in vulnerable Icelandic fishing villages

Thoroddur Bjarnason


Gender equality as an end or a means to a goal in Swedish Forestry sector

Elias Andersson & Gun Lidestav