Working Groups

Here are listed all working groups under the four themes; 1) Politics, governance, local capacities, 2) Infrastructure and services, 3) Demography and mobility and 4) Agriculture, forestry and fisheries.

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Please note that there is also a working group for PhD students early in their studies that cuts across the four themes.

 Please send your abstract to the main working group convener and before January the 1st 2018



Theme 1 – Politics, governance, local capacities

Main convener Title
Egon Noe

Danish Centre for Rural Research, University of

Southern Denmark, Denmark

1.1 Changing rural areas: what about the church?
Annie McKee,

The James Hutton Institute, Aberdeen,


1.2 Local assets, local decisions, and community resilience
Gro Marit Grimsrud,

Uni Research Rokkan centre, Bergen, Norway,


1.5 Small towns in rural regions
Lise Lyck, Copenhagen Business School


1.6 Living conditions in Nordic rural areas in relation to economic and political development in the Nordic countries




Theme 2: Infrastructure and services

Main convener Title
Katja Rinne-Koski,

University of Helsinki Ruralia Institute, Finland


2.1 Novel Approaches to Service Provision in Sparse Rural Areas
Richard Ferguson,

Rural Entrepreneurship Group, Department of Economics, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences,


2.3 Contexts of entrepreneurship in Changing Rural Infrastructure and Services
Sulevi Riukulehto,

University of Helsinki Ruralia Institute, Finland


2.4 Culturally sustainable repair of particular buildings: success stories from rural areas
Mai Camilla Munkejord,

Uni Research Rokkan Centre & Arctic University of Norway


2.5 Ageing in the rural North




Theme 3: Demograhy and mobility

Main convener Titel
Linda Lundmark

Department of Geography and Economic History, Umeå University, Sweden


3.1 Micro-urbanisation in rural and sparsely populated areas
Karin Topsøe Larsen

Centre for Regional and Tourism Research


3.2 The role of multi-local identities and relations for rural development
Helene Pristed Nielsen

Aalborg University, Denmark,


3.3 Dynamics of gender, place and population flows in Nordic rural areas
Tialda Haartsen, University of Groningen, Groningen-The Netherlands.

3.5 Young people and education institutions in peripheral areas
Tiina Sotkasira

University of Eastern Finland


3.6 International migration, mobility and rural regions




Theme 4: Agriculture, forestry and fisheries

Main convener Titel
Elias Andersson, Department of forest resource management, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Umeå, Sweden.


4.1 Global forests and local ruralities – challenging traditional conceptions of forestry and exploring innovative promises of bio economy 


Cecilia Waldenström, Dept. of Urban and Rural Development, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences,


4.2 Agrarian change in the Nordic countries




Michael Kull & Karen Refsgaard, Nordregio,


4.3 Overcoming institutional constraints inhibiting the transition towards a ‘new’ bio economy. Enhancing governance and policy frameworks