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Mar 2021

We are so excited and grateful to Sigrid Juselius Foundation for the continued research support!

Thank you Instrumentariumin tiedesäätiö for supporting our research! Important funding for PhD work of Ilakya Selvarajan, Vanesa Tomas Bosch and Pierre Moreau

Feb 2021 –

So excited to share our work in AJHG where we identify potential causal variants and target genes for coronary artery disease GWAS loci in liver. https://authors.elsevier.com/a/1cdm%7EgeW%7m~geW~i8Z

Dec 2020 Christmas party

Great time at the CADGEN Christmas party bouldering and relaxing at the spa in great company.

Dec 2020 –

Deeply grateful to Sydäntutkimussäätiö for supporting our research at all the career stages. Congrats to Pierre Moreau, Vanesa Tomas Bosch, Maykel López Rodríguez Ilakya Selvarajan and and Uma Thanigai Arasu

Nov 2020 –

Congrats to Ilakya Selvarajan for winning the Young Investigator Award of the Finnish Atherosclerosis Society with her great talk!

Oct 2020 –

ASHG2020 is here with an exciting program! Getting ready for the “Genetics and Functional Insights into cardiovascular disease session starting at 10:30 am EDT.