1b. Behavioral assays (emotional, social, cognitive functions)

  1. Emotional and social behavior
    – Anxiety: Elevated plus maze, open field, light-dark box, marble burying, novelty-suppressed feeding)
    – Depression: Forced swimming, tail suspension, sucrose preference
    – Aggression: Isolation-induced aggression
    – Autism/social withdrawal: Social interaction, two-cage sociability test
  2. Memory and cognition
    – Spontaneous alternation (T-maze, Y-maze)
    – Novel object recognition
    – Novel odor recognition
    – Object – place recognition
    – Morris swim task (watermaze)
    – Foraging in 8-arm radial maze
    – Rewarded spatial two-choice tasks (T-maze, igloo)
    – Cue and context fear conditioning
    – Inhibitory avoidance
    – Habit learning and reversal in T-maze