Pricing of services

Product Volume UEF price (VAT 0%) Academic price (not incl. VAT) Non-academic price (not incl. VAT)
hIPS generation from fibroblast * 2 characterized clones at p.10

and 2 uncharacterized clones at p.3

 2200 €  2983 €  3233 €
Early hIPS generation from fibroblast** 4-5 uncharacterized clones at p.3  1100 €
Fibroblast culture from skin biopsy for IPS induction 200 €  –  –

* Three frozen cryovials per clone in addition to one ampule of early passage clones.

Basic characterization of hiPSC includes: Morphology and maintenance of typical morphology in culture for 10 passage, Human ES cell surface antigen profile, Expression of key endogenous pluripotency-associated genes, Viability of the frozen stock.

** iPS cell lines frozen in one ampule at passage 3. Total of 4-5 clones.