NPH and Early AD Group

NPH and Early AD Group

Normaalipaineinen hydrokefalia (NPH, in Finnish)

Normal pressure hydrocephalus (NPH)

NPH is a poorly understood neurological disorder presenting with impaired cognitive, gait and continency functions in various combinations as well as enlarged I-IV ventricles.

NPH patients may significantly benefit of shunt surgery. The most frequent differential diagnosis is Alzheimer’s disease (AD).

Neurosurgery of Kuopio University Hospital (KUH) solely serves Eastern Finnish population (see map above: green area).

Since 1991 until 2010, our NPH protocol has included 24-hour intraventricular pressure monitoring together with a small right frontal cortical biopsy to exclude other neurodegenerative processes. Since 2010 the protocol has included systematic CSF sampling and brain biopsy is included in the shunt surgery.

Selected patients undergo advanced AD imaging at Turku PET Centre.

Kuopio NPH and AD Registry and Tissue Bank contains clinical and long-term follow up data as well as cortical biopsy samples of over 700 patients investigated for possible NPH.

Kuopio NPH Research Group has a unique research window to NPH and AD through the cortical biopsy and CSF samples and long-term outcome data. This project is multidisciplinary approach, in which expertise from several fields of neuroscience at KUH and UEF campus area as well as national and international level are combined.

Aims of Research

  1. Genomic factors predisposing sporadic and familial idiopathic NPH.
  2. Novel biomarkers of iNPH and neurodegenerative diseases diagnostics and prognosis.
  3. Validation of CSF and PET diagnostics against brain biopsy in iNPH and AD.
  4. Personalized treatment of iNPH.



Ville Leinonen
Prof MD PhD

ville.leinonen (at)
+358 44 717 2303


Tarja Malm / PhD Prof

Molecular Neurodegeneration
Annakaisa Haapasalo / PhD Adjunct prof

Molecular Genetics of Alzheimer’s Disease
Mikko Hiltunen / PhD Prof

Henrik Zetterberg / Prof MD PhD (Sahlgrenska / University of Gothenburg / UCL)

Broad Institute
Beth Stevens / Stevens Lab
Evan Macosko / Macosko Lab

Ossi Nerg / MD PhD Student
Anne Koivisto / MD PhD Prof
Sanna-Kaisa Herukka / MD PhD Adjunct prof
Hilkka Soininen / Prof
Anne Remes / Prof (University of Oulu)

Tuomas Rauramaa / MD PhD Post Doc
Jaana Rummukainen / MD PhD Post Doc
Irina Alafuzoff / Prof (Uppsala)


Joel Huovinen / MD PhD Student
Ville Korhonen / MD PhD Student
Antti Luikku / MD PhD Student
Janne Kukkonen / MD PhD Student
Benjam Kemiläinen / BM PhD Student
Julius Kiilava / BM PhD Student
Vasco Vanhala / BM PhD Student

Antti Junkkari / MD PhD Post Doc
Maria Kojoukhova / MD PhD
Tiina Laiterä / MD PhD
Okko Pyykkö / MD PhD

Marita Parviainen / RN
Juha E Jääskeläinen / Prof
Nils Danner / MD PhD Post Doc
Henna-Kaisa Jyrkkänen / MD PhD Post Doc
Ville Leinonen / Prof MD PhD

Cognitive Neuroscience
Heikki Tanila / Prof

Anna Sutela / MD PhD Post Doc
Ritva Vanninen / Prof

Turku Neurosurgery
Jaakko Rinne / Prof Chairman

Turku PET Centre
Juha O Rinne / Prof

Oslo Neurosurgery
Per Kristian Eide / Prof MD PhD


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