Workshop on Unstructured Data

UEF Workshop on Unstructured Data in Research — 23 May 2022 @ Joensuu

UEF Workshop on Unstructured Data in Research will gather together researchers around UEF working with unstructured, e.g. textual, data. The research day provides UEF researchers a place to meet colleagues working with similar types of data and to exchange knowledge. Researchers that have unstructured data as well as researchers knowing how to analyse unstructured data are both welcome.

The research day’s program has two invited presentations and short presentations from UEF’s research groups. The day is open and free for everyone. For planning coffee and transport, we request registration by 13 May.

Time and Place

23 May 2022 at Joensuu campus, lecture hall M100. Program runs between 10 am and 4 pm with morning coffee served at 9.30 am.

Program at Glance (tentative)

9.30–10.00coffee break
10.00–11.00Prof. Gerold SchneiderData-driven methods to mining medical texts
11.00–11.20Prof. Maarit KoponenParallel corpora in human and machine translation
11.20–11.40Prof. Anssi Keinänen & Dr. Mia KilpeläinenLaw drafting materials and public authorities’ decisions as a source for unstructured data analysis
11.40–12.00B.Soc.Sc. Väinö Toots & Dr. Marja AlastaloProd/using a web-scraped cross-platform Finnish language media dataset
12.00–12.20Prof. Michael RießlerFrom legacy data to multimodal text corpora for research on endangered languages
12.20–13.20lunch break(on your own)
13.20–14.20Prof. Veronika LaippalaInterdisciplinary perspectives to modeling unstructured text with deep learning — TurkuNLP
14.20–14.40Simo RyhänenOpportunities and Challenges in Clinical Text Mining
14.40–15.00Jani–Matti TirkkonenBuilding an automated analysis tool for qualitative survey data
15.00–15.20Dr. Alexander NikolajevDecomposition of word embeddings in Finnish
15.20–15.40Dr. Paula RautionahoGeneralized Linear Mixed Model trees in language analysis
15.40–16.00free discussion


Attendance is on-site and we request (free) registration for planning purposes. Please register at by Friday, 13 May.

More Information

For more information, please contact Prof. Pauli Miettinen (