We are a consortium of experts on pedagogically grounded analytics of educational data. Educational and socio-digital technologies are quickly transforming and remediating learning activities. The digitalization of learning practices has led to a rapid expansion in the amount of learning data. Adequate analysis of learning data essentially requires mastery of modern data analytics methods, and a holistic understanding of learning as a complex, multilevel process that beyond individuals takes place in teams, classrooms, and networks, and involves interacting epistemic, social, material, and ontological factors.

Our research focuses on pedagogically grounded and ethical analytics of educational data, with the primary focus in using insights from data to empower learners to understand and reach their full learning potential. We are a multi-talented group of researchers from different institutions and research fields, with strong expertise in methods of data science, research in education and educational technology, and analytics of educational data. 

Our experts come from computer science, learning psychology, and educational research. They bring in cutting-edge expertise on data analytics, statistics, machine learning, data mining, educational models, and educational theory. Our primary research tracks are machine learning in K-12 education, data-driven studies in educational research, analytics of knowledge building and innovation processes in K-12, and ethics of AI in Education. See our projects-page for further information.