Facilities for material science

Sustainable material technologies for clean air and water

FINE Sustainable Materials Group is focused on the development of sustainable materials and preparation of tailored functional nanomaterials (e.g. metal oxides, carbon nanostructures and coated metal particles) and films with well-defined composition and structure. The preparation of the high quality materials is carried out using aerosol processes such as spray pyrolysis and drying, flame synthesis, chemical vapor synthesis (CVS) and chemical (CVD) and physical vapor deposition (PVD) methods. In addition, we are also carrying out high temperature processing and purification of materials utilizing pilot scale furnaces, e.g, rotary kiln and induction reactors, as well as hydrothermal treatment and wet pyrolysis. The produced materials find their used in variety of industrial applications including new memory devices, energy storage applications, thin films, catalysts and water treatment applications. In addition, health and safety studies of engineered nanomaterials are carried out by the Sustainable Materials Group.


Photographer: Marc Sabat

Rotary kiln reactor

You can learn more about our electrochemical research and facilities through this video (link to Youtube video).

Short introduction to research related to carbon dioxide removal can be found here: “MOFs catalyzed direct gas-phase reactions for the conversion of C1 compounds” (link to video in Academy of Finland web pages).