Research projects

Research projects

Nanolab Nanolab

Photographer: Marc Sabat

On-going projects

Harmonizing reliable test procedures representing real-LIFE air pollution from solid fuel heating appliances (Real-LIFE Emissions, 2021-2024)

Työntekijöiden Altistumisen vähentäminen Syöpävaarallisille ilman epäpuhtauksille Kaivosympäristöissä (TASK, 2021-2023)

MOFs catalyzed direct gas-phase reactions for the conversion of C1 compounds (MOFC1, 2020-2023)

UEF Water postdoctoral research Project (2020-2022)

Investigation of secondary aerosols from vehicle exhaust: comparison of gasoline and diesel cars (INCA, 2020-2021)

Kiukaiden ympäristövaikutusten vähentäminen (KIUAS-2, 2019-2023)

Energy Cluster North Savo (EnEko2020, 2020-2021)

Solutions for controlling ash behaviour and emissions in bio- and waste-fired boilers (BI-TUM, 2019-2021)

Innovation Ecosystem for Emission Control and Catalyst Chemistry to Develop Environmentally Friendly Combustion and Industrial Processes (KATE, 2019-2021)

Photoactive graphitic nanocarbons from sustainable precursors for renewable energy production (FoGrafNa, 2019-2022)

Kuopio Water Cluster

UEFbatcircle (2019-2021)

The Helmholtz Virtual Institute of Complex Molecular Systems in Environmental Health (Inhale-HICE, 2018-2022)

Induction synthesis of functionalized carbon nanostructures from biomasses and application studies (BioGraph, 2017-2022)

Finished projects

Li-ion batteries’ state of the health estimation and degradation mechanisms determination by a generated heat analysis (LiANA, 2017-2020)


Holistic processes and practices for clean energy in strengthening bioeconomic strategies (INDO-NORDEN, 2017-2019)

Kiukaiden päästöt ja niiden vähentäminen KIUAS (2017-2019)

Residential Wood Combustion Simulator (PIENPOLTTOSIMULAATTORI, 2016-2019)

Development and assessment of energy production solutions based on renewable pyrolysis fuel oil utilization (PYREUS, 2015-2017)

Assessment and Abatement Strategies for Combustion-derived Secondary Organic Aerosol Emissions (ASTRO, 2016-2018)

Pilot environment for manufacturing and testing functional materials for industry (FunktioMat, 2016-2017)