Gene diagnostics at Genome Center of Eastern Finland

Genome Center of University of Eastern Finland has provided diagnostic test for monogenic diseases and farmacogenomics since 2004. During these years we have keep our analysis methods up-to-date and improved our reporting and quality management policies. We are committed to continuosly improve our procedures to serve our customers as appropriately as possible.


Genediagnostic laboratory have been accredited testing laboratory since 16.3.2018, requirement SFS-EN ISO 15189:2013. Laboratory identification number is T321.
You can find laboratory scopes of accreditation from FINAS website.
Our qualitysystem based on competent staff, appropriate premises, equipments and methods, comprehensive documentation and listening our customer needs. We have committed to continuosly develop our operations together with our customers and collaborates.

What’s new in analytics?

New prices for genetic tests 1.5.2022-30.4.2023.

New prices for 1.5.2021-30.4.2022.

New prices for 1.5.2020-30.4.2021.
Pricelist in finnish. You can find prices also from request forms Polycystic kidney disease analysis ja  21-hydroxylase deficiency genetic analyses are now added to scope of accreditation of Gene Diagnostics Laboratory.

University of Eastern Finland closed its facilities 17 March 2020 due to coronavirus outbreak in accordance with the instructions issued by the Finnish Government on 16 March 2020. Gene diagnostics laboratory is not closed and genetic analyses will be done and we will not expect delays regardless of current situation.

Postal strike has been called off 27.11.19. Delivering of our test results will be normalized after shipments delayed by the strike have been processed by Posti.

On Monday 11.11.2019 started postal strike at Posti will delay delivering of our test results.
Unfortunately, we cannot fax results either.
In cases of urgency results can be deliver by phone directly to physician.
Situation of the strike can be monitored from Posti’s News releases.

Our new prices for 1.5.2019-30.4.2020. Pricelist in finnish. You can find prices also from request forms.