We study, design and develop interactive technologies. We are interested in how to transform research and technical innovations into systems that provide intelligent interaction and good user experience. Since 2003, we have been conducting research on the methodology of applied eye-movement tracking. We combine computer science and HCI approaches to build intelligent user interfaces that make use of eye-tracking data and other behavioral streams. Our application domains are, for example, complex-problem solving such as programming, medicine, and collaborative interactive systems.

Design of Intraoperative technologies and eye-hand coordination


In collaboration with Neurosurgery, Kuopio University Hospital.
Contact: Roman Bednarik, David Gil de Gomez Perez, Piotr Bartczak

Social awareness and interaction in OR

In collaboration with Neurosurgery, Kuopio University Hospital
Contact: Hoorieh Afkari

Action prediction from eye movements

Contact: Hana Vrzakova

Eye-hand coordination in forest harvesting (In collaboration with PKKY Valtimo)

Source code comprehension from eye movements

In collaboration with Freie Universitat, Universitat Paderborn
We have a great experience in research around the improvement of software engineering tools, processes and methods for SME’s.
Since 2000’s we have been running several externally funded projects in which we collaborated directly with the
software companies. Our current projects deal with agile approaches to software development.