Histomorphometric Examination

Histomorphometric Examination

Bone biopsy is indicated in case of a suspected metabolic disease of the bone (e.g. osteomalacia, renal osteodystrophy, accelerated bone resorption), spontaneous fractures or low-energy fractures and for investigating causes and effect of treatment of severe osteoporosis.

This examination enables investigation of bone formation, resorption and mineralization rate as well as microarchitecture of the cansellous bone.

In case of a suspected malignancy, histomorphometric examination of the bone is not sufficient. In these cases a separate sample should be taken for a pathological examination (PAD).

Biopsy can be performed during operations or as a outpatient procedure by using local anesthesia. Biopsy will be taken from the iliac bone by using either vertical or horizontal (transiliac) technique. Biopsy should be 5-7 mm in diameter and should be stored in 70-80 % alcohol. If possible, the biopsy should be preceded by in vivo tetracycline labeling, which provides valuable information about the speed of  bone synthesis and mineralization.

Samples must be delivered to:

University of Eastern Finland
Kuopio campus
SIB Labs
Ritva Savolainen
P.O. Box 1627
FI-70211 Kuopio

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