DXA Central Laboratory Services

DXA Central Laboratory Services

The University of Eastern Finland´s KMRU Research Unit has functioned since 2006 as the first central laboratory for bone densitometry research (DXA) in Finland.

Bone density measurements are used as a research method in various multicentre trials, which are led mainly by pharmaceutical companies. Coordination as well as high-quality and centralised analysis of these measurements is crucial.

The Surgery Unit at the University of Eastern Finland has a long tradition of using bone density measurements in research, and this expertise has been utilised in our services within the Clinical Research Centre´s KMRU Research Unit.

The service includes

  • Transfer and organisation of electronic measurement data from research centres;
  • Analysis of measurements using Lunar measurement software, expert reports on measurements (e.g. correct performance and quality assurance of measurement, compliance with inclusion criteria);
  • Backup,
  • Recycling of bone densitometry phantoms in research centres;
  • Analysis of phantom data and quality assurance of measuring equipment, as well as
  • Training of personnel carrying out bone density measurements.

Contact persons:

Professor Heikki Kröger
Research Director
KMRU Research Unit
+358 17 172 602
heikki.kroger (at) uef.fi

Research Coordinator Pirkko Kanerva
KMRU Research Unit
+358 44 7162747
pirkko.kanerva (at) uef.fi