Principles for a safer space


In the conference, we commit to following the principles for a safer space:

  • Meet others with an open mind, be kind to others and yourself. 
  • Let everyone be themselves. Avoid making assumptions about others. Let everyone define themselves and their personal experiences in their own way. Respect diversity. 
  • Listen to others and try to understand them, even though you wouldn’t share their opinions. Remember that you are not familiar with everyone’s abilities, experiences, and boundaries.
  • Aim at recognising your privileges and hegemonic/authority positions and act knowing these.
  • If you offend someone, please apologise. Try to forgive others if they unintentionally offend you.
  • Remember that most of us are not native to English. Please do not hesitate to ask for clarification or reframing if you do not understand. The main aim is to understand and to be understood – create conversation.
  • If you encounter problematic behaviour, please contact the organisers of the event either during or after the event.