Optics laboratory

Optical facilities

The laboratory is aimed specifically for diffuse optical tomography (DOT) and photoacoustic tomography (PAT) research. High-energy laser source and incoherent LED light sources are part of the equiment. The facilities and  instruments can be applied for versatile measurement scenarios and they can be applied with e.g. biological samples and phantom targets.


  • Nd:YAG – OPO laser with fiber optic coupling. Optical energies up to several hundreds of millijoules, wavelength range from 660 to 2600 nm, pulse duration ≈ 5 ns.
  • Sensors and meters for optical energy measurement from nanojoules to joules
  • Optical detectors for pulse duration measurement from < 1 ns
  • Commercial and in-house built drive circuits for LEDs and laser diodes.
  • Room air is HEPA-filtered and cooled. The lab space has a laser protection.

Photoacoustic tomography setup using LED illumination

  • The light source in this prototype system is a pulsed high-energy LED element.  The setup designed for limited-angle tomographic measurements and can be equipped with different type of acoustic receivers. In addition to LED source, the setup can be operated with high-energy Nd:YAG laser.  The device is constantly developed and upgraded.