Ultrasound laboratory

Ultrasound facilities

The laboratory is equipped to perform versatile and demanding ultrasonic measurements. The facilities can be used to tune and calibrate commercial and prototype-level transducers. Computerized high-resolution 3D positioning systems are applied e.g. with needle hydrophones to measure acoustic pressure fields. In addition to hydrophone measurements, optical vibrometery and Schlieren imaging are also part of the equipment. The laboratory premises and equipment are available for in vitro, ex vivo, and in vivo experiments.

Design, characterization, and calibration methods of ultrasound sources

Modelling and electric

  • Design using raytracing methods (Rayleigh), FEM
  • Impedance and frequency characterization using PC controlled vector impedance analyzer

Radiation force and piezoelectric

  • Two motorized and one manual 3D position systems, μm scale movements. Motorized positioners are under computer control. Measurement tanks of up to 200 liters
  • Calibrated hydrophones
  • Computer controlled radiation force balance with forwarded/reflected electric power measurement


  • Schlieren system for 0.8 to 80 MHz frequency bandwidth
  • Laser vibrometer for surface velocity and displacement measurements up to 10 MHz

Synthetic Schlieren Tomography (SST) system

  • The SST system is developed specifically for ultrasound field characterization and calibration. The prototype system uses pulsed LED light as a illumination source. The system is constantly developed and upgraded.

List of electronics and supporting hardware

  • RF sources and amplifiers from milliwatts to kilowatt, frequency band up to several MHz
  • Pulser – receiver (-3dB bandwidth 35 MHz)
  • Air-backed transducers for therapy applications
  • Pulse – echo transducers (planar and focused) with center frequencies ranging from 500 kHz to 12 MHz
  • Ultrasound imaging phantoms
  • Vacuum chamber to treat biological samples, or for material curing
  • Water degasser unit that can be connected to the deionized water outlet
  • Mobile UV-C degassing system to maintain the quality of the measurement tank water during measurements