Computational Spectral Imaging

The group is a joint research group of the School of Computing and the Department of Physics and Mathematics. It belongs to the Institute of Photonics. Group is also member of the Academy of Finland’s Flagship on Photonics Research and Innovation (PREIN).

From its origin at the middle of 1980’s the group has focused on the spectrum based color research and novel methods for spectral data analysis and measurement. Our research laboratory is well-equipped for spectral color research with several spectral cameras and spectrometers.

The group is consortium member of Erasmus+ COSI-master programmes. We are active in international collaboration, such as in the steering committee of International Symposium for Multispectral Color Science and in the technical committee CIE TC8-07.  In research, we have project funding from the University of Eastern Finland, Academy of Finland, Business Finland, and from industrial partners.