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Welcome to the Institute of Photonics website!

Institute of Photonics combines all research and education in optics and photonics at the University of Eastern Finland. Our multidiscipline institute is a unique collection of professionals in biology, chemistry, information technology, physics and applied physics,  with the roots of photonics being the major research field in physics starting over 50 years ago, when the University of Joensuu was founded.  Today Institute of Photonics forms a world’s top-notch research environment.

Following university institutions are a part of Institute of Photonics:
Department of Physics and Mathematics
School of Computing
Department of Chemistry
Department of Environmental and biological sciences
Department of Applied Physics
SIB Labs

Institute of Photonics is core for Photonics Research Community (RC) at UEF, which earned the highest scores in the International Evaluation of Research Activities at the University of Eastern Finland 2015-2018 and which now belongs to the highest category of “International top-level research” in UEF Strategy 2030. Institute of Photonics also belongs to the Photonics Research and Innovation (PREIN) Flagship and to the Finnish National Infrastructure for Light-Based Technologies (FinnLight) on the National Research Infrastructure Roadmap (FIRI).

UEF is also is a partner organization in unique operating environment for photonics industry (R&D&I), Photonics Center Ltd.


On this web site you will find information on photonics research, teaching from master’s studies to tailored trainings for continuous learning, services for companies and forms of cooperation, as well as information about Institute of Photonics.

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UEF main website contains also photonics related news.