How to apply?

How to apply?

Application period is now open until September 27, 2023. We hope to announce the decision in few days after the application deadline.

Eligibility to apply:  UEF students who are eligible to continue studies into the MSc degree in Computer Science are eligible to apply. Applicants must have BSc degree completed at latest in October 2023.

Recording of info session for students of School of Computing, UEF, (Recorded in  February 2021).

Accepted students are expected to achieve their BSc degree at latest October 2023 and to start their MSc courses immediately at the University of Eastern Finland. Students who do not have BSc degree in October 2023 are not able to continue in the programme.

Application documents: Filled application form, UEF transcript & motivation letter.

LINK TO APPLICATION FORM is open during the application period

UEF transcript and motivation letter must be sent to at latest on 27.9.2023.