Lab tour

Stable Isotope Laboratory

Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer (DELTAPLUSXP®, Thermo Co.) for natural abundance and enriched samples of 13C/12C and 15N/14N. Equipped with Flash EA, GC-C TA III (compound specific and gas analysis) and pre-concentration unit.

Picarro G2201-i  Isotopic Analyzer for measuring δ13C for CH4 and CO2

Molecular Biology Laboratory

Soil DNA and RNA extractions

  • FastPrep Bead-peating device

Conventional PCR, agarose-gel-electrophoresis

  • Multiple Thermal cyclers, and devices for preparation and visualization of agarose-gels

Quantitative real-time PCR

  • Bio-Rad MyIQ qPCR, Roche qPCR

Culturing facilities for recombinant DNA preparation and aerobic culturing

  • Laminar flow-chambers for culturing. Shaking and standing incubators

Gas Laboratories

Gas chromatographs

  • Agilent 7890B (FID, TC and EC-detectors), equipped with Gilson auto-sampler (Gilson liquid handler GX271), analysis of CH4, CO2 and N2O

HONO analyser

  • LOPAP®-03 (Long Path Absorption Photo Meter), QUMA Elektronik & Analytik GmbH, Germany
  • A wet-chemical in situ measuring device for nitrous acid (HONO) measurements. HONO is chemically sampled in an external unit and is photo-metrically measured in a long-path absorption after conversion into an azo-dye in the measuring instrument.
  • portable CO2-analysers: LI-840 Infrared Gas analyzer (Li-Cor), LI-6200 Infrared Gas Analyser (Li-Cor), LI-6200 Infrared Gas Analyser (Li-Cor), EGM-4 Environmental Gas Monitor (PP Systems)
  • NOx analysers: Thermo Scientific Model 42i NOx analyzer

Soil and Water Laboratories

  • Portable meters for pH, redox, O2 and temperature
  • Laboratory Furnace Nabertherm B170 (Nabertherm GmbH Lilienthal/Bremen, Germany) for soil organic matter content determination
  • Ion chromatograph (Dionex ICS2100, Thermo Fischer) with autosampler for e.g. NO2, NO3, SO4, PO43- analysis from water or soil extracts
  • Spectrophotometer (Ultrospec 3000 Pro, Biochrom, UK) for, e.g., NH4+ analysis from soil extracts
  • Low Temperature Incubators (LMS Cooled incubator, model 250). Temperature range from +4°C to +20°C.
  • Dissolved Carbon and Nitrogen analyzer (Shimadzu)​​