The first Finnish Learning Analytics and Artificial Intelligence in Education Conference, FLAIEC 2022, was arranged at UEF campus in Joensuu, Finland, on the 29th and 30th of September, 2022.  During the conference, we had four keyonte presentations and 27 paper presentations in further sessions. Please see the programme page for further information.

FLAIEC 2022 was organized in collaboration with University of Eastern Finland, OAHOT research project and Learning in Digitalized Society (DIGS) research community [links will open in new tabs]. We thank Joensuu University Foundation for funding the conference, as well as CEUR-WS for the collaboration in publishing the conference proceedings.

The conference proceedings has been published by CEUR Workshop Proceedings, and can be found at https://ceur-ws.org/Vol-3383/

Boards and Committees

Scientific Advisory Board

Professor Dragan Gašević, Monash University, Australia  

Professor Dirk Ifenthaler, University of Mannheim, Germany 

Associate Professor Matthew Lambert, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Nebraska, USA 

Professor Hanni Muukkonen, University of Oulu, Finland 

Professor Heli Ruokamo, University of Lapland, Finland 

Professor Barbara Wasson, University of Bergen, Norway 

Organizing committee of the conference

Laura Hirsto, PhD (Ed.), Professor, University of Eastern Finland

Sanna Väisänen, PhD (Ed.), Postdoctoral researcher, University of Eastern Finland

Matti Turtiainen, Dr. Professor, University of Eastern Finland

Teemu Valtonen, PhD (Ed.), Professor, University of Eastern Finland

Erkko Sointu, PhD (Ed.), Professor, University of Eastern Finland

Sonsoles López-Pernas, Assistant Professor, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Mohammed Saqr, PhD, Senior researcher, University of Eastern Finland

Jenni Bäckman, MA (Ed.), Project researcher, University of Eastern Finland

Susanne Hallberg, MA (Ed.), Project researcher, Doctoral researcher, University of Eastern Finland

Jenni Kankaanpää, MA (Ed.), Doctoral researcher, University of Eastern Finland

Teija Paavilainen, Lecturer at the Rantakylä Teacher Training School, Doctoral Researcher, University of Eastern Finland

CEUR Workshop Proceedings Editorial board

Laura Hirsto

Sonsoles López-Pernas

Mohammed Saqr

Erkko Sointu

Teemu Valtonen

Sanna Väisänen