Travelling to/from Joensuu

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Here you can find some travelling information our conference organizers have compiled. FLAIEC is not affiliated or in any way officially connected with the following companies. 

Arriving in Helsinki – Travelling to Joensuu 

If you are arriving from abroad, Helsinki, the capital of Finland, is probably your first stop in Finland. The distance from Helsinki to Joensuu is approximately 460 kilometers. 

Helsinki-Vantaa (HEL) is the main airport of Finland and from there you can continue your journey by (1) plane, (2) train or by (3) rental car.  

  1. There are direct flights from Helsinki (HEL) to Joensuu (JOE) and the duration is about one hour. Flights between Joensuu and Helsinki are operated by Finnair (  
  2. Tickets to long distance trains should be booked in advance either from the counter at the Central Station or online from the national railway company: Tickets bought in advance always include a seat. 
    • Also, there is a train connection available for passengers from Helsinki-Vantaa airport to Tikkurila or to Central Railway station. The platform is located under Terminal 2. The train takes about 4 h 30 min 
  3. There are several rental car companies at the airport. For further information, please visit website of Helsinki-Vantaa airport Driving time is about 5 hours without stops. 

If you are arriving to Helsinki by a ferry, you can continue to Joensuu by taking a train from the Central Railway Station in the city centre or by plane from Helsinki-Vantaa airport. See further instructions above. 

Arriving in Lappeenranta – Travelling to Joensuu 

Furthermore, Ryanair flies some flights from Europe to Lappeenranta. There is a train service between Lappeenranta and Joensuu that takes about 2 h 30 minutes.

Arriving in Joensuu 

The Joensuu Airport is located about 11 km from the city centre. JOJO line 6 operates between the city centre and the airport according to Joensuu-Helsinki timetables. For more information see Airport bus connection 

If you arrive to Joensuu by train, it takes about 20 minutes to walk from the station to the campus. The city centre is few minutes’ walk from the railway station. 


Taxis are private and due to current taxi legislation, there is a lot of variation in services and pricing. Fees (e.g. starting fees and any other additional info) should be seen on the car window, and the price should be negotiated before the drive. It is good to be careful in order to avoid surprises. Therefore, we have added a few reputable regional taxi agencies in case you need a taxi in Helsinki or in Joensuu. 

If you need a taxi in capital area (Helsinki, Vantaa, Espoo), we recommend Taksi Helsinki: +358 (0) 100 0700. Please see their website for pricing

Should you need a taxi in Joensuu, we recommend Taksi Itä-Suomi: 0601 10100 Website is only in Finnish