Application procedure

General information on doctoral studies in Finland

The following websites provide useful background information for potential IMPDET applicants about Finland, studying in Finland and UEF, and doctoral education at UEF.

Before applying

First, it is important that the applicant’s research interests are aligned with the main research areas of the IMPDET studies:

  • digital learning
  • learning analytics, AI in education, and educational data mining
  • VR/AR technologies in education
  • design research in educational technology
  • computing education
  • computational thinking
  • interactive technologies
  • ICT for development

Second, the potential applicant should explore the research work carried out in the research groups, research communities, and research consortia linked to IMPDET studies. Therefore, the applicant should carefully explore the following websites:

Finally, before proceeding with the application process it is important to study the profiles of the main supervisors in the IMPDET studies.

Application process