Basics of Research Data Management 1 ECTS

This course introduces the basics of research data management and data management plan: 

  • Storing and processing of research data during the research, University of Eastern Finland IT services and other storage solutions and services for data management available to the researcher, taking care of information security in data management 
  • Legislation and ethical principles in data management, contracts, copyright and access rights related to research data, noticing data protection and personal data in data management 
  • Documentation and metadata of research data, how to describe research data and publish metadata 
  • Open research data, the possibilities and obligations related to sharing research data 
  • Preserving research data after the research, University of Eastern Finland guidelines for preservation 
  • Writing a data management plan (DMP), using DMPTuuli as a tool. 

Learning objectives

  • Understand the significance of good research data management.
  • Know how to comply good and responsible practices of research data management (research integrity throughout the data lifecycle.
  • Learn to write a data management plan (DMP) as part of a research plan and to update it.
  • Become conscious of the policies and guidelines for research data management in the organization.

How to use this study material

This study material has been produced in English and in Finnish. You can change the language at the upper navigation panel (English/Suomi). The links open in a new tab.

Themes of research data management in the context of open science are covered in the Basics of Open and Responsible Science: Open Access Publishing and Research Data online course (8022040, 2 ECTS). Consider taking this course as well.

NB: This course partly equals the research data module that was part of 8022020 Research Information Retrieval and Management course (2 ECTS, 2017 – 2021).

1. Basics of Research Data Management course (8022050-3002) study material

  • Register yourself to the course in Peppi.
  • Follow the instructions UEF eLearn (Moodle).
  • Complete the assignments, including writing a data management in UEF eLearn.
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2. Self-directed study (without study credits)

You can go through the study material, check out the links for further reading and make notes. There are tips and questions along the way that are good to consider from your own point of view.

If you have not yet written a data management plan, you might write one with the help of this study material. If you already have a data management plan, you can update it while going through the material. Don’t forget the useful DMPTuuli-tool for writing a DMP!

Creators and license of the study material

This work, which was originally created by Kaisa Hartikainen and Anne Karhapää (2020) (University of Eastern Finland), is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. The work was updated by

  • Helena Jäntti, Taisa Sallinen, Manna Satama, Niina Nurmi, 2022, University of Eastern Finland
  • Minna Rahnasto-Rilla and Manna Satama, 2023, University of Eastern Finland.